NDS – Deep Percussion | DRUMS | SINGLE SHOTS | DEEP  


NDS Components are packs designed to give you the best choice available for a specific area of your productions. Focusing tightly on only one area, this second pack covers percussive samples in the form of deep percussion.

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Product Description

NDS Components – Deep Percussion covers a selection of the sounds that make up the backbone of any good song, from Claps & Snares to work with your Bass drum, to some of the most full bodied and warm percussive samples around. Chocked full of novel sounding Bongos, toms, and rims, from almost natural to more hybrid sounding percussion. This pack gives you a solid selection on which to build your groove.

These have been produced to our usual high standards, sourcing the sounds from the analogue domain and working them through high end outboard gear before editing them to perfection so they sit ready in your productions.There are two tonal variations of each sample, offering you a choice where it matters most. Capturing that 3D sound you get from the best hardware was top on our list when putting this together because that translates straight into better mixes. We spent a lot of time fine tuning this collection, you will find a lot of sounds you recognize but with a shape, air and depth about their sound you rarely hear in samples.

Tech Specs

262 24bit 96000hz samples




2 Tonal Variations – Original & RVX


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