NDS – FX Sounds & Loops |FX | LOOPS | IMPACTS 


This pack is all about what goes up top, your hats and shakers are vitally important to getting a good flow and groove to your music. All recorded through some of the finest analogue outboard and presented in various tonal variations this Components pack gives you the edge when it comes to getting the top end just right.

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Product Description

Character, analogue feel with intense sound manipulation were the backbone for this pack, we put this collection together to give you the perfect finishing touch for your latest track, time to really blow people away.

Split into four main sections including:

Impacts // The big and meaty bass booms, luscious reverbs and lots of more complex and characterful ways to take your song into its breakdown.

Long & Delayed // Here we bring together long and winding white noise risers alongside delaying and evolving soundscapes, perfect for adding movement and life to your music.

Loops // We got a little crazy, taking some of the more unique analogue synth fx sounds we could find and sequencing them into unreal loops, from delayed percussion to crazy throbbing basslines.

Short & Zaps // This section is all about those characterful little hooks and sweeps that just make your song sound unique, full of inspiration.

Tech Specs

319 24bit 96000hz samples

Over 1GB of FX sounds


Long & Delayed Fx

FX Loops

Short FX & zaps


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